“I would like to take this opportunity and express my gratitude (from all at SAC) for your help over the past week in London, Brussels and Paris. Kristina and I think you made a well organised and well attended lunches in all three cities; and organised some great one-on-one meetings in London.”

Ilya Rogol, Corporate Development
South American Silver

“I want to thank both of you for an outstanding job on th IR tour that you arranged for Buchans. Both Kari and I felt that the quality of people you introduced the Buchan’s story to was superb.”

Warren Macleod, CEO
Minco Resources

“A quick note from Paris where we have now wrapped-up our first week in Europe - I want to let you know that both Stephen and I were extremely impressed with the work done by Tony and Robert Mahalski. From the perspective of organization, professionalism and quality of meetings, this was an excellent roadshow; certainly one best one I have ever been on. I also noted that there was very little downtime (actually there was none) as we spent the majority of our time in front of serious investors. It was also a real treat to meet such fine English gentlemen as Tony and Robert – a delight”

JJ Jennex, VP Corporate Affairs
Excelsior Mining

“Tony, thanks again for your usual 5 star performance. I work with people all over the world. You are the best. No one else even come close. My childhood hero William Shatner (aka “Captain Kirk”) just turned 80. He is still working his ass off and winning awards and accolades for all his new work. For purely selfish reasons , I hope you follow a similar parth.”

Mark J. Morabito, Chairman and CEO
King and Bay West Management Corp

"I just wanted to let you know, that last week was one of the best roadshow experiences I have had in Europe. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and your delivery!"

Joanne Jobin VP Investor Relations
Excellon Resources

"Once again, thank you for the most organised and profitable marketing trip. Over the years you have taught me many valuable lessons on how to conduct business in a professional yet human way."

Vanessa Pickering, Manager Corporate Communications
ATAC Resources

"This is fantastic. Thank you again for putting together such a great line up on short notice. You are simply great and we appreciate it."

Catalin Chiloflischi Manager of Investor Communications
Selwyn Resources

"An excellent job kind Sir. you are a mannerly fellow and a true gentleman. Definitely looking at repeat business with you accordingly."

Darren Holden MD
ABM Resources

"Thank you very much for the introduction, seamless travel arrangements, and overall excellence. this past week has been one of the most impressive and wonderful experiences of my career , and it is all due to your magnificent and tireless efforts"

Art Palm Executive Director
Jameson Resources Ltd

"The days were very professionally organised and good for us. Thanks for the good work"

Alex Molyneux Executive Chairman
Celsius Coal

"once again many thanks for getting us in front of so many key people this past week – excellent work. At a personal level it was a great pleasure for me to work with you both – both good fun and very professional at the same time."

Sandy McVey Chief Operating Officer
West Kirkland Mining

" We very much appreciate the professionalism and quality introductions that you and Robert showed us, and we look forward to working together soon "

Darryl Jones CFO
Lupaka Gold

"I very much appreciate the work you did to set this trip up and I think we worked well together. I didn’t get a chance to shake hands before the cab whisked me away but thank you again!"

Ian Berzins President and CEO
San Gold Corporation

"Why thank u for those kind words...and I have to say that I was very very impressed with the quality and quantity of the potential investors u produced...I really enjoyed myself...and your logistics skills...and this is coming from one who has had 178 years of logistic experience,are unbeatable."

Honourable Robert Hanson
Hanson Asset Management Kaizen Discovery

"On behalf of Jonathan and Callinan Royalties, I wish to express my appreciation to you for your time and effots on our recent marketing trip. I think we made a few good connections and look forward to following up in the future."

Roland Butler President and CEO
Callinan Royalties corp
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